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Regulated Commodities - Data Matching Criteria Tables


The CBSA announced in TCCU18-070 a tool importers and customs brokers can use to assist them in ensuring they meet the Single Window Initiative declaration requirements.  Although the tool is not necessarily comprehensive it can be used by importers and exporters to research whether the commodities they may be importing or intend to import into Canada may be regulated by the 9 Participating Government Agencies.

Importers and Customs Brokers  should note that not all PGA Programs make use of HS codes as a means to identify whether a commodity that is regulated by that program. Therefore, the Data Element Matching Criteria may also contain other commodity codes such as Intended Use codes, Canadian Product Codes, provision of a Licence Permit Certificate or Other, etc.  Importers should note this is only a tool and there can be many import / regulatory requirements and they should consult a Canadian Customs Broker to provide a more comprehensive analysis.