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Freight Forwarder Consolidations


Our e-manifest solution allows highway carriers to easily transport Freight Forwarder consolidations.  By setting a flag within the ACI shipment declaration our ACI solution notifies CBSA you are transporting a Freight Forwarder consolidation.  The Freight Forwarder consolidation can be a Back-to-Back, a Buyers consolidation or an LCL consolidation.  Back-to-Back and Buyers Consolidations are normally cleared at the border.  LCL consolidations can be cleared at the border but typically get transported in-bond to a CW sufferance warehouse to be de-consolidated.  Our system also generates de-consolidation reports for record keeping and if necessary to supply to the CW or other primary warehouse. 


Back to Back de-consolidation example.

 Back-to-Back De-consolidation exampleBack-to-Back De-consolidation example



LCL de-consolidation example.


LCL de-consolidation exampleLCL de-consolidation example


 A sample de-consolidation report can is also available.


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