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Cost Considerations 


One question commonly asked is “What is the cost?”  Although most carriers may be inquiring about the rates associated with the eManifest service, there are many costs to consider.  Costs are associated with three buckets, Administrative, Compliance and Operational.


 Administrative Costs 


This software has been designed to minimize administrative costs by integrating databases, validating input data and by incorporating electronic messages from multiple government systems.  The software has a natural progression to minimize keystrokes and can be configured to automatically send messages to users and / or Professional Transport Operators based on receiving customs messages (i.e. entry accepted messages, FDA Prior Notice on File, etc).  Carriers who use government portals and other websites to determine the status of their shipment(s) will find this solution can significantly reduce their administrative burden.  Also of note, eManifest declarations created using this system are queued up and automatically processed after a customs outage.  This is a big advantage over the government eManifest Portals especially in instances where staff must create and submit the declarations after-hours to ensure they meet the customs system outage requirements.


Operational Costs


At eManifest Express we understand if the wheels are not turning the truck is not making $$$. We have designed our systems to be productive and support our customers if they require assistance.  We have a Canadian call center staffed on a 24/7 basis ready to help and clearly display on our dashboard when CBSA or CBP are experiencing delays or outages.  We also have cross-index screens showing the statues of your latest ACE and ACI manifests.  The ability for the system to automatically send messages to staff and your Professional Transport Operators based on customs messages can also a significantly improve productivity.  This automation alone can save administrative staff and Professional Transport Operators a significant amount of time especially when you consider customs entries may be available prior to submitting the eManifest to long after the truck arrives at the border waiting for the customs brokers declaration to be accepted.

If you transport meat or products with meat in them they may subject to CFIA re-inspection.  Our system can automatically notify the driver of the inspection and where and the inspection location.  This feature can save carriers a significant amount of money especially if they are unaware a shipment they are transporting has been called up for a re-inspection.  Users can also print, fax or e-mail ACE and ACI lead sheets and A8A cargo control manifests from the system which can be a notable advantage for users who may be managing the eManifest declarations after-hours or from home and for carriers who no longer carry A8A cargo control manifests in their trucks or use the FAILED PARS Process.


Compliance Costs


From the compliance bucket indefinitely maintaining the ACE and ACI history is an advantage.  There is is a significant difference between our system and the ACI portal which only maintains the data for 90 days after the shipments are released and requires carriers to maintain PDF documents and screen prints from the ACI portal to meet their record keeping requirements.  Maintaining this data history will assist carriers in meeting their Canadian and US record keeping obligations and may also provide carriers with another tool they can use when in investigating a customs penalty or inquiry.

 The system also has warning flags designed to assist carriers in ensuring they declare their seals a mandatory requirement of Canadian trusted traders and C-TPAT participants.  It also highlights how many minutes are left in a specific manifest’s prior notice period so carriers can ensure their trucks don’t arrive at the border too early.  

eManifest piece count discrepancies are also highlighted when the U.S. Customs Broker declares a different quantity than what the carrier declared in the eManifest.  This warning flag can be used by carriers to proactively verify their manifest quantities and address discrepancies which could easily result in an expensive manifest violation penalty.  

The CBSA’s Release Notification System is also incorporated into the system automatically updating the status of released shipments while providing an independent method of obtaining a Canadian proof of release.  The RNS also provides carriers the ability to inquire about outstanding and contracted shipments.

CBP outstanding bond message alerts are also sent to users.  This feature will assist carriers in complying with their US In-Bond requirements by notifying them when they bonds that are coming due or may be outstanding considering the changes introduced on November 27, 2017.

In conclusion, the cost of the subscription may be small compared to the cost reductions a carrier may enjoy in their administrative, operational and compliance buckets!  Would you like to see how the system may reduce your costs.  Consider signing up for complementary 30 day trial!  If you would like to learn more about the eManifest Express solution or have a demonstration please contact us.