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INPARS Process




The INPARS release process is a PARS release process carriers, freight forwarders and importers can use to expedite cargo releases at inland sufferance warehouses facilities.  To expedite the release the carrier or freight forwarder must provide the importer / customs broker with the required shipment information.  The shipment information must clearly indicate an INPARS release is being requested on the cargo control document (A8A /house bill, airway bill) and specifying the port of clearance, cargo control number, warehouse sublocation code along with the estimated date / time of arrival the shipment is expected to arrive at the sufferance warehouse.  Carriers should ensure to clearly write the INPARS information on all of the copies of the cargo control document to minimize the potential of the importer / broker declaration error and to ensure the warehouse operator knows an INPARS release has been requested.  

Importers / customs brokers can submit their PARS releases up to 30 days in advance subject to Participating Government Agency / Department restrictions.  CBSA’s system will partially process the import declaration once it is submitted.  Once CBSA accepts a matching ACI cargo declaration the system will further validate the declarations and send out ACI and ACROSS matched messages. Carriers and importers who subscribe to the Release Notification System (RNS) should also receive a RNS Declaration Accepted Awaiting Arrival of Goods message associated with the specific cargo control number after the matched message has been processed.  

Note:  The matched message is based on CBSA matching the cargo control number declared by both the carrier and the importer / customs broker.  It does not matter whether the importer / customs broker or carrier submits their customs declaration first.   Carriers and Importers / Customs Brokers may need to subscribe to ACI Chapter 11 Advance Commercial Information (ACI)/eManifest Notices to receive a matched message.  Carriers / Freight Forwarders can also receive matched messages in the CBSA ACI Portal.

After the physical arrival of the shipment at the sufferance warehouse and upon submission and acceptance of Warehouse Arrival Certification Message CBSA’s system will electronically notify the warehouse operator whether the shipment has been released or called up for an examination. 

Warning: Carriers utilizing this process must clearly indicate the shipment is a IN-PARS release along with the Estimated Date / Estimated Time of Arrival of the shipment at the Sufferance Warehouse / Port to ensure they are not issued a  C274 AMPS penalty.  

I have created a fictitious sample of a Highway Cargo Manifest where a carrier who attempted to obtain a release at at Emerson has bonded to the shipment to highway sufferance warehouse in Calgary.  After the shipment was in-bond the carrier wrote on the the A8A cargo control manifest (Long Room Copy, Customs Delivery Authority Copy & Warehouse Keeper's Copy) INPARS and the expected EDA / ETA of the shipment's arrival at the Calgary Sufferance Warehouse and forwarded the A8A manifest and supporting documentation to the appropriate customs broker while the cargo is enroute to the warehouse.  When the shipment arrives at the sufferance warehouse the Professional Transport Operator would ask the sufferance warehouse operator to send CBSA a Warehouse Arrival Certification Message and within a few minutes if the importer's / customs broker's import declaration has been already accepted the warehouse operator will know if the shipment requires an examination or has been released.  If the shipment is released the carrier would be able to deliver the shipment.  

Note: When this process works it can eliminate the need to unload the shipment, make a second trip to the sufferance warehouse while improving customer service, reducing cartage and sufferance warehouse costs.  In the sample provided I also used the Failed PARS manifest since the two processes can work together.  INPARS is defined as Inland Pre-arrival Review System.