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    ACI Document Not on File Message




The ACI Document Not on File message is generated when an importer or customs broker successfully submits a customs declaration to CBSA and the CBSA system does not find a matching ACI shipment declaration with the same cargo control number.  This can occur when a carrier has not successfully submitted their ACI shipment in advance the importer / customs brokers declaration or when a customs broker has incorrectly entered the carriers cargo control number.  Carriers can monitor their systems for this message and use it to troubleshoot shipment declaration delays.  


Carriers should also follow up with the importer or customs broker on any outstanding shipments since the message may flag shipments which may have not been declared.  Carriers who have not declared all of their shipments should follow specific procedures as outlined within ACI business rules and in Custom Memorandum D3-4-2 to ensure the shipments they are responsible for are properly declared and released by CBSA.  


Carriers who have direct delivered their shipments can use the CBSA voluntary declaration program to ensure the shipments are properly accounted for.  Carriers who use the Voluntary Declaration Program may still be subject to a customs investigation and / or penalties.  


Importers are responsible to ensure all the goods they import are accounted for.  Both Importers and Customs Brokers monitor their systems for outstanding declarations.  If an Importer or their Customs Broker submits a voluntary declaration on a shipment you  transported their declaration can trigger an investigation and an AMPS penalty.  Proactive carriers who monitor this message can create processes which may minimize delays due to incorrect cargo control numbers or AMPS penalties associated with voluntary customs declarations.