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 AMPS Penalties 


The Canada Border Services Agency Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) is designed to deter non-compliance by CBSA clients.  The penalty amounts are based on the risk associated with the specific non-compliance.   CBSA clients can review the AMPS penalties associated with their business functions by either downloading the Master Penalty Document or by filtering the AMPS Penalties by category within the website.  Note: Carrier penalties are found within multiple categories.   

CBSA publishes their AMPS statistics on a biannual basis and eManifest Express has analyzed a number of the AMPS penalties associated with ACI declarations and published information regarding the AMPS penalties on the subsequent pages.

International highway carriers like all CBSA clients are subject to a number of different AMPS penalties.  If you are issued a Notice of Penalty Assessment there are time limits associated with requesting a correction or submitting an appeal.  Successfully obtaining a correction or winning an appeal can be difficult.  If you receive a penalty an investigation should be initiated to determine the cause of the incident and if necessary develop an action plan to ensure measures are in place to minimize future incidents.  eManifest Express may be able to assist you with reviewing your AMPS penalty contact us for further information.  eManifest Express also offers a web based eManifest software that has a number of features designed to flag carriers of potential non-compliance.  A few of the features include countdown clocks, commodity, seal and ETA warnings.  If you would like to subscribe to the eManifest software contact us and we can make arrange for a demonstration, a subscription and a complementary 30 day trial.   You can also subscribe to the software right off from the eManifest Sign In tab on this website.  


FYI, CBSA is sending highway carriers letters informing them of incidents of non-compliance and asking carriers about the incidents and what measures they have put in place to reduce the risk of non-compliance.  Failure to respond to the CBSA inquiries could lead to AMPS penalties.