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CBSA Single Window Initiative - Integrated Import Declarations

Posted 6/22/2019

The Canadian Importers and Customs Brokers continue to implement the Integrated Import Declaration process with statistics showing increases within all of the Single Window Initiative programs. 

Significant statistical changes in the number if Integrated Import Declarations were recorded in the month of April with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency mandate.  119,125 additional CFIA IID declarations were submitted in the month of April compared to March.  Government release statics also indicated a significant reduction in the overall number of imports.

Carriers may wish to monitor the April 1st implementation of the CBSA Single Window Initiative Integrated Import Declaration (IID).  The IID mandate, already been postponed for a year is scheduled to replace the current Other Government Department Pre-Arrival Review System (OGD PARS) and the Release on Minimal Documentation (OGD RMD) EDI declarations for specific shipments by April 1, 2019.  Shipments involving the Canadian Food Inspection Agency - CFIA (all programs), Natural Resources Canada - NRCan (Energy Efficiency Program), and Transport Canada's - TC (Tires Program) must be released using the IID declarations as of April 1st.

An IID is an electronic customs declaration customs brokers or importers will be required to submit to CBSA.  The declarations include additional data elements (compared to OGD PARS and OGD RMD) and may include document images of licenses, certificates, permits and other documentation required to obtain a release.  IIDs will also provide additional data elements for CBSA and Participating Government Agencies to screen shipments imported into Canada.

Shipments controlled by Environment and Climate Change Canada - ECCC, Global Affairs Canada - GAC, Health Canada - HC, the Public Health Agency of Canada - PHAC, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - CNSC and Fisheries and Oceans Canada - DFO can also be released using an IID declaration yet mandatory implementation dates have not been established.

When fully implemented IID declarations will be required for shipments involving nine government departments or agencies and thirty-eight programs. 

Statics related to IID declarations are show below. Note: It is difficult to extrapolate too much from the statics for a few reasons.  The PGA declarations are not directly related to the PGA shipments since some shipments involve multiple PGAs and there is insufficient detail to determine what percentage of the OGD PARS and OGD RMDs declarations involve each specific 9 PGAs or any of the 38 related programs.

Carriers may wish to monitor how long it takes customs brokers and importers to process their declarations to determine if it may be necessary to modify their procedures to allow the customs brokers, importers, PGA's and CBSA additional time to adjust to the new declarations.  Carriers also have the ability to determine what percentage of their shipments are being released using the Integrated Import Declaration, OGD PARS and OGD RMDs.  If you cannot determine which shipments have been released using an IID declaration, OGD PARS or a OGD RMD we can provide that service.  Contact us for additional information.


May 2019 IID & Shipment Statics
May 2019 IID & Shipment Statics  


 May 2019 IID Declaration GraphMay 2019 IID Declaration Graph