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Canadian Food Inspection Agency and CBSA Changes Commence in January 2019!

Posted 11/30/2018

Carrier's should be aware changes to Canadian Import Processes will begin in January 2019.  CBSA expects importers and customs brokers to have completed their Single Window Initiative testing by January 1, 2019.   The testing requires customs brokers and importers to have the ability to submit Integrated Import Declarations (IID) electronically (Note: Some declarations will include licenses, permits, certificates and other documentation).  Once tested customs brokers and importers are expected to submit IID declarations knowing the IID declaration type is scheduled to replace the Other Government Agency & Departments (OGD) PARS & Release on Minimal Documentation (RMD) release declarations on April 1st, 2019.  Carrier's, importers and shipper's may need to modify their processes to accommodate the changes since importers and customs brokers may require additional resources to complete them.

In addition to these changes the Safe Foods for Canadians Regulations will commence on January 15th, 2019.  These regulations may effect carrier operations especially if the importer has failed to obtain the appropriate license, permit or certificate.  CFIA has published some information regarding the changes in their CFIA Fall Chronicle.