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 About eManifest Express 

Founder and managing director, Barry Frain brings over 25 years of customs and transportation experience to eManifest Express.  Working for TransX and N Yanke Transfer provided Barry with extensive experience in Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), Automated Commercial Information (ACI), Customs Self Assessment (CSA), Customs Trade Partners Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and the Partners in Protection (PIP) programs.  

Barry managed the daily customs operations for two Canadian based carriers operating in the LTL and TL sectors.  His passion to improve systems lead him to develop Canada's first LTL PARS process.  The disruptive solution lead to significant operational improvements  where Professional Transport Operators could clear up to 25+ shipments in 15 minutes where previously it could take most of the day.

At Yanke with over 300 trucks in the fleet and at least 100 expedited our goal was to eliminate or minimize border delays.  These goals were met by proactively managing the customs documents and eManifest declarations and ensuring Yanke was seen as an exemplary carrier in customs eyes.  We imbedded robust security protocols throughout our processes, hired FAST approved drivers and were early adopters of both the ACE and ACI eManifest declarations.      

Barry also worked for Expert Customs Brokers, GHY International and Monarch Industries rounding out Barry's his customs experience.  This diverse experience provides him insight on the responsibilities of various parties in the customs equation and how coordinate the importer / customs broker / carrier processes.  

Barry is also a Canadian Society of Customs Broker’s Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) and Certified Trade Compliance Specialist (CTCS).  He is also holds a Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation.


Mission Statement

Assist cross-border Canadian, American carriers to meet their CBSA and CBP customs requirements fully and efficiently, by providing innovative tools, program understanding and support.


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